Yes Ear: NS4000 (Duhkah Human Tech Earplugs)

Yes Ear: NS4000 (Duhkah Human Tech Earplugs)

Duhkah Human Tech

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Duhkah Human Tech Yes Ear NS4000 Earplug

Perfect earplug finally available to surfers who are suffering from surfer's ear or want to avoid it! This is a great product to protect your ear from loud noises and/or the instrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust and/or excessive wind, while you can still hear human voice!

Free from everyday noises! But it allows conmfortable hearing of conversation (It allows low frequency such as human conversation but shuts down high frequency band of everyday noises)

1. Comfortable "The ultimafum for softness"

Because the thickest part of the wing is 0.4mm and the end of the wing is 0.02mm, it is very comfortable to wear (small and large adoptors are included. You can change, depending on the size of your ear canal.

2. Breathable "Breathing earplugs"

A 0.8mm breathing hole in the inner part of earplug lessens pressure difference and minimizes alien substance feeling and dizziness (which other earplugs may cause).

3. "Human engineered structure body"

Soft silicon with a 20 degree of hardness makes ear very comfortable, even when worn for a long time. It is comfortable and safe design because, unlike other earplugs, it avoids earplug go further into the ear when strong external impact is recieved.

4. "Waterproof"

The "CAP" does the filtering function to pass low frequesncy such as human conversation and avoids high frequescy noise. It is waterproof and perfect for surfers, swimmers, etc.

This is also a next generation ear-protector with antibabacterial and sterilization. Unlike foam type earplug that the user may not be safe from all sorts of ear disease in the high temperture and/or humidity, nanosilver particle inside the silicon shows antibacterial and sterization effect. Silver is a perfect natural antibiotic material while it does not have any kinds of side effects. Not only does it sterilizes 650 kinds of all harmful bacterium, but perfectly intercepts and absorbs the electric wave which is harmful to the human body.

Made in Korea