About Us

Photo by Cliff Serna

About Noah Ka Oi Surf
Noah Ka Oi is founded by Surfboards by Donald Takayama team rider and ambassador Noah Shimabukuro. We specialize in carrying Surfboards by Donald Takayama and Space Time Surfboards by Alrik Yuill.  Our online store specializes in carrying the highest quality products with greatest customer service.

About Noah Shimabukuro
Noah Shimabukuro is a talented Hawaiian surfer who blends the best of both traditional and progressive surfing. Noah's smooth and stylish riding has garnered him worldwide attention.

Noah was a store manager at Donald Takayam's shop in Oceanside. After the shop was closed in 2010, Noah decided to open, Noah Ka Oi Surf, an online store to keep providing Donald's quality surfboards and accessories.

For any questions, please email:
info@noahkaoi.com (English)
shin@noahkaoi.com (日本語/Japanese)
shin@noahkaoi.com (Español/Spanish)

Noah Ka Oi(ノア カオイ)はハワイアンプロデザインのチームライダーである ノア シマブクロが運営しています。ハワイアンプロデザインのサーフボードやその他のアクセサリーの購入、質問などに応えています。ノアカオイ・オンラインストアでは日本語でお買い物ができます。最新のフィン、洋服、ドナルドタカヤマの作品を、ぜひチェックしてみてください。