FINS003 - Takayama Finger fin

Surfboards by Donald Takayama

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Another of Donald’s tested and proven designs. This is Donald’s preferred fin in most boards he rides. Whether it’s his 9’10” Speed Shape, or his 6’0” Scorpion, it handles anything thrown at it. With a long, raked out shape and plenty of surface area this fin holds in and brings the board around quicker than any other. Use it in single fins and 2 + 1 setups and feel the difference of the Finger fin.

Available size: 6.5", 7.0", 7.5", 8.0", 8.5" and 9.0"
Available colors: Red (tint), smoke (tint), blue (tint) and white (opaque)

*ATTENTION CUSTOMERS! Because fin quantities are constantly changing, please let us know your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd color preference in case we don't have the color you want in stock.